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Welcome to the submission instructions for ArcticInfo, a mailing list run by ARCUS. While all announcements can be submitted via email to list [at] arcus.org, we encourage you to use the form below for any announcement regarding a position/job opening, meeting/webinar, or resource (website, newsletter, etc.). The form is designed to help you construct an announcement that is informative, concise, easy for subscribers to read, and quick for us to post.

ArcticInfo is a moderated mailing list. After receiving your submission, ARCUS staff will format the announcement and contact you if any further information is needed before posting it to the list. Requests will be distributed to the list within a week of receipt, except for times of high submission volume or other exceptional circumstances.

We also encourage you to submit your news item to the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) Collaborations website.

Guidelines and Checklists

The ArcticInfo lists provides subscribers with timely information about Arctic meetings, publications, position announcements, funding opportunities, and other useful news. Your announcement should contain enough information for a reader to quickly ascertain whether they are interested in the topic, and then point to a webpage (full position announcement, meeting website, etc.) or a contact person for additional information.

We have also created checklists (which match the form fields) to help you compile the relevant information for position openings, meetings/webinars, and resources:

Meetings Checklist (PDF - 574 KB)

Position Checklist (PDF - 574 KB)

Resource Checklist (PDF - 80 KB)

Form Instructions

To submit an announcement, start by filling out the form below. Once you click the 'Enter Submission Details' button you’ll be directed to a second page that is specific to your announcement type.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please contact the ArcticInfo team at list [at] arcus.org

Submitter Details
Your contact information in case we have questions. This information will not be included in the announcement.
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Contact Person or Website

The contact person or website for us to include in the announcement.

* Please enter a contact name AND email, or a website.

Contact Name
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Please enter names and emails for any additional individuals to include with the announcement.
Website that readers can go to for more information, if applicable.
I would like ARCUS to share my announcement on IARPC Collaborations. A short summary of the submission will be posted on IARPC Collaborations at the time of publication.
If your announcement contains an event or deadline within the next two weeks, please check this box and we will move the submission earlier in the queue.