Rosemary, Lisa, Theresa The objective of this opportunity, led by the Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) and supported by the National Science Foundation's Division of Arctic Sciences, is to create a space for Indigenous scholars to educate and inform policy- and decision-makers engaged in Arctic issues from the nation's capital, Washington DC. Funding for this program is provided to ARCUS by the National Science Foundation's Division of Arctic Sciences (PLR-1928794) with additional support from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Arctic Studies Center.

What is an Indigenous Scholar?

We define a scholar as an expert within their own knowledge system. This includes hunters, fishers, and gatherers; those that process and store food; health aides; and others. It includes youth, elders, and adults. Your education may have come from the land, the water, or a classroom.

Now Accepting Applications for 2023-24 Scholars

How to Apply
To apply for the opportunity, please choose one of the following formats to submit your application by 6 November 2023:

  • Use our online application form
  • Print and mail or download and email the PDF application form to Lisa Sheffield Guy, Arctic Research Consortium of the US, PO Box 81310, Fairbanks, AK 99708-1310 or lisa [at] 2023-24 Arctic Indigenous Scholars Application Packet (PDF - 162 KB)
  • Submit an audio recording of your answers to Lisa Sheffield Guy at lisa [at] An MP3 file, such as the type created by a cell phone voice recorder is acceptable.

For any questions regarding the project or application process, please contact Lisa Sheffield Guy, Arctic Indigenous Scholars Project Manager, at lisa [at] or 907-474-1600.

Download, print, and share our opportunity flyer.

Arctic Indigenous Scholars Opportunity Flyer (PDF - 230 KB)

Learn more about the program and experience of past scholars in the video below

Senator Dan Sullivan, Helen Aderman, and Andrew Aderman

Project Personnel

Lisa Sheffield Guy, Project Manager, Arctic Research Consortium of the US, lisa [at]
Helen Wiggins, Executive Director, Arctic Research Consortium of the US
Project partner: Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska, 2023 staff tbd