Patrick Borbey delivering opening remarks at the Forum
Patrick Borbey, Sr Assistant Deputy Minister of Treaties and Aboriginal Government, delivering opening remarks at the Forum

Thank you to all participants for the success of the 2nd Canada-U.S. Northern Oil and Gas Research Forum.

The products from the Forum, including a brochure summarizing key recommendations, the Forum presentations, abstracts, and other resources are available through the "Products" webpage.

The Forum featured technical, engineering, and scientific research concerning offshore drilling safety, oil spill prevention and management, ice engineering and transportation issues as well as the environmental effects of oil and gas exploration and development in the North.

Ninety attendees presented their research results as part of a panel discussion or in oral and poster presentations. This multidisciplinary conference brought together 239 participants from government, industry, academia, Aboriginal groups, and non-governmental organizations to discuss timely research issues of relevance to the management of oil and gas activities. Several common themes emerged from the Forum, including the need for continued and improved communication and collaboration; improved data gathering, management, access, and discovery; further development of decision support tools and processes; and continued research to fill science and technology gaps.

For questions on the Forum, please contact Tara Paull, INAC, at forum [at] ainc-inac.gc.ca or John Payne, NSSI, at John_F_Payne [at] ak.blm.gov.