Directory of Arctic Researchers

The Directory of Arctic Researchers, funded by the National Science Foundation, contains the names, addresses, science specialties, and current research of 4120 Arctic researchers and specialists. It aids networking between individual investigators, institutions, funding agencies, and Arctic stakeholders to facilitate Arctic research and education efforts.

Researcher entries are not posted in the directory until we have received information directly from the researcher. Each researcher is requested to look over their entry and submit changes annually. Changes are also accepted at any time. To correct information in your directory entry, either email directory [at] arcus.org with the corrections, or submit a new survey form.

All inquiries regarding the Directory of Arctic Researchers should be directed to directory [at] arcus.org.

This directory is intended for legitimate use by Arctic researchers and their associates. Any commercial or other unsanctioned use is prohibited.


The online directory is a continuation of the original print version, Directory of United States Arctic Researchers: A Preliminary Compendium, started in 1994. The directory began including international Arctic researchers in April 1999.