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The first Navigating the New Arctic (NNA) Investigators Meeting was held virtually 16–17 April 2020, with 149 participants. Participation was by invitation; this page includes background information on the meeting and publicly-available meeting resources.

The NNA Investigators meeting was a cooperative effort among the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Office of Polar Programs, the NNA Working group at NSF, the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS), experts on Indigenous/Traditional knowledge and working with Arctic communities, and NNA project investigators and team members.

Goals for the Virtual NNA Investigators Meeting:

  • To accelerate the rate of dissemination of ideas among researchers.
  • To build an intellectual research core to address NNA challenges.
  • To enable enhanced research collaborations.

Meeting Resources

Meeting Report

A report from the April 2020 NNA Investigators Meeting is now available for download here. This report provides an overview of meeting discussions, recommendations, as well as descriptive information about the NNA projects that participated in the April meeting that may be useful for ongoing NNA project coordination efforts.

NNA Project Lightning Talk Videos and Project Update Reports

The brief lightning talk recordings and project update reports found below were produced by each of the NNA project teams to introduce their projects to the wider NNA community and to highlight any unique collaboration opportunities that they are interested in exploring. The first document lists the order of the lightning talks and project update reports available below. Note that not all projects have both a public lightning talk and project update.

NNA Virtual Investigators Meeting Agenda & Summary Notes

Below are the agenda and summary notes from the virtual meeting. The summary notes are not intended as the official report of the meeting and have not yet been reviewed by meeting participants nor copy-edited. A formal meeting report, which will be reviewed by meeting participants, is forthcoming. However, given the call for proposals for an NNA Coordination Office, the meeting organizers (ARCUS and NSF), felt that it was important to release this draft version of meeting notes as quickly as possible to benefit those submitting proposals.

List of NNA Projects

A list of the NNA projects and awards (defined by NSF) that were invited to participate in the virtual NNA Investigators meeting is available here, as a google sheet.