ARCUS maintains a number of public email lists to learn about Arctic research and education news.

A short description of each list is below, and you may subscribe to any list by checking the boxes at the bottom of this page or you can click on the links in each description for more in-depth information. ARCUS lists have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every message, so you may unsubscribe at any time.

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ArcticInfo is a moderated mailing list that provides subscribers with timely information about Arctic meetings, publications, position announcements, funding opportunities, and other useful news. Postings are distributed as submissions are received, with anywhere from 2–5 emails per week, depending on the volume of news.

ArcticInfo Weekly Digest

This is the "digest" form of ArcticInfo, which collects all ArcticInfo announcement in a single weekly email.

Witness the Arctic & Witness Community Highlights

Witness the Arctic is an online newsletter, published twice a year, that provides information on current Arctic research efforts and findings, significant research initiatives, national policy affecting Arctic research, international activities, and profiles of institutions and people involved in Arctic research efforts.

Witness Community Highlights serves as a monthly complement to the longer biannual Witness the Arctic publication. Each highlight provides 1–3 brief articles highlighting current Arctic research efforts or other timely items of interest. By subscribing to the Witness mailing list, you will receive both the two full Witness the Arctic editions and the monthly highlight articles.

Polar Education

The Polar Education List provides a venue to learn about polar education opportunities, resources, events, and other useful topics, with approximately 4–8 announcements per month.

ARCUS Monthly Report

The ARCUS Monthly Report provides updates on key ARCUS activities and events; news from ARCUS member organizations; and links to Arctic research job openings, funding opportunities, awards, and other resources. Link to past example of the monthly report.

Arctic Research Seminar Series

This mailing list provides announcements and registration links for the ARCUS Arctic Research Seminar Series, which invites Arctic researchers and community leaders to share the latest findings in Arctic research and related topics via online webinars about 6–8 times a year. This list is also used for an occasional ARCUS online Arctic research online event 1–2 times/year.

Sea Ice Prediction Network

The Sea Ice Prediction Network List is a distribution mailing list used to share information relevant to the Sea Ice Prediction Network project, which focuses on improving Arctic sea ice predictions. Announcements are distributed to this list approximately 20 times per year.

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